Deluxe Edition Book – Limited to 325 copies. Includes 8×10″ Limited Edition Signed Print plus a Signed Limited Edition 20 x 24” Sepia Silver Gelatin Prin


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The Band Photographs, 1968-1969 signed by Elliott Landy in gold tone pigment ink on the first page of the book. This edition includes a bonus three page foldout sheet showing the thumbnails and captions for all the photos in the book. It is designed to be inserted into the back of the book and folded out as a reference while reading.

The Deluxe Edition book is limited to 325 numbered copies and includes:
• Cloth covered slipcase
• A signed and numbered 8×10″ limited edition Fine Art Pigment Print of The Band with Hamlet, taken during photo shoot for Music From Big Pink. This print was made by Elliott in 2014 to be included in the Deluxe Edition of his book.

Silver Gelatin Prints are the traditional type of prints which were made when these photos were taken. They are exposed in a darkroom and process in wet chemistry. They have a unique look which, while well mimicked by contemporary ink jet prints, retain a unique character considered the most valuable by collectors. This 20 x 24” Silver Gelatin Print is a special sepia toned edition of 50, signed by Elliott. The photograph appeared in The Band’s debut album, Music From Big Pink, in 1968.

The retail price of the book is $500 and the print is normally $5,000 (savings equal $400)

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